The Estonia Was Sabotaged


852 lives lost that night.








This Was A Large Ocean Going Ship

The story goes that the bow broke off.









The Route From Estonia To Sweden








This Ship Only Got A Thirty-Second SOS Off









The Ship Was Flooded In Minutes







The Bow Has Three Watertight Layers


The Bow Swinging Doors The Ramp








Judge Johan Hirschfeldt Keeps An Eye On The Estonia Investigation










For Once, Israel Doesn't Want The Limelight

Israel pushed Estonia, Sweden, Britain, and Egypt into outlawing exploration of a wreck in international waters, by passing the 1995 Estonia agreement. The story that a 600-foot ocean liner went down in 6' seas, is just silly.

The country of Estonia was involved in smuggling arms, and nuclear material, to Iran and Egypt, and Israel sent them a message. Anyone in the intelligence community immediately recognized that Israel was behind the disaster.







Supposed Timeline

00:55 Attachments on the 50-ton bow door, or visor, snap.
1:05 Visor flaps in the raging sea, sawing through steel plating behind it
1:10 Inner door now jarred slightly open, water seeps in
1:15 Bow door now rips off, bouncing off the ship's bulbous bow
1:17 Ship lists by 15 degrees
1:20 Engines have stopped,
1:22 A 30 Second SOS
1:35 Listing almost 90 degrees.
1:50 Estonia sinks






Total Fabrication

You need to believe the entire bow of the ship  was flapping for twenty minutes. Picture driving the turnpike with your car hood flapping for twenty minutes.

Whatever happened, it occurred within minutes. The majority of passengers died in their cabins.








A Bow Falls Off?

If you build a with a pivoting bow, you will make it stronger than a one-piece bow. You have locking hinge pins, that are pennies compared to the overall cost.

The shipyard said it had to be explosives.








You Had Two Backups

If the bow fell off, there were doors behind it. After the doors was the ramp.







Other Disasters

There was always a logical explanation. The Titanic hit an iceberg, the Edmund Fitzgerald was a rogue wave, etc.

This Estonia is identical to the Manila disaster, and the Egyptian sinking, both of which were Mossad operations.








Underwater Explorer Gregg Beamis

Bemis, during an investigative dive in September 2000, obtained evidence of foul play, a massive hole below the waterline.  Bemis said, “if the accident had actually happened as described in the official report, why would certain governments be so obsessively opposed to private resources doing legitimate and highly professional research on the sinking?” PDF

The Estonia Agreement of 1995, prohibits diving on the wreck.









What Was The Motive?

What has been leaked is that Estonia was involved in an agreement with Egypt and Iran, with regards to nuclear materials.

Lars Göran Farm, then marine engineer with Nordström and Thulin, Swedish co-owners of Estonia, confirmed to Anér that the ship owner had ordered a special escort from Vägverket, the Swedish highway authority, for a sensitive cargo on September 28, 1994.








Who Did It?

Israel's Mossad intelligence service did the sinking. It is their style to send a very public high-profile message.








How Was It Done?

During a maintenance stop, their agents placed thermite charges low in the Estonia's hull. Next, there was a series of charges placed on all the main bow structures.

An aircraft engineer could take down a Boeing 747 with a cigarette pack filled with C-4.






Placing Charges

If you took a naval architect and asked him where to place some small C-4 explosives to make it look like an accident, he would stick them here. The official story is the bow slid off and hit the bow tip below the water line, and that is exactly where you would place C-4 explosives.







The Ship Rolled 40 Degrees 

Within minutes of the explosion, the ship listed 40 degrees. Short of being hit with a nuclear-tipped torpedo, ships don't go down that fast. Computer animation.








The Estonia Maritime Commission

If you believe the 'bow fell off theory', that meant the higher decks flooded, and the ship would have rolled over like the Poseiden Adventure. But the ship would still float, because the lower decks have water-tight bulkheads.








The Owners And The Insurers

When a $200 million-dollar ship goes down, everyone from the shipyard, the insurers, maritime commissions, the owners, etc., all get involved. The ship was owned by a conglomerate, and the insurance companies paid off the owners with a minimal investigation.








Protection Of The Wreck

Five nations signed the Estonia Agreement, which says no one can explore it. The victims' families are pressing for a criminal investigation because parts of the wreck recovered showed evidence of explosives.







Israel's Only Regret Is They Can't Show The Films

Zionists are filled with unexplainable glee when they pull off a WTC, . This type of manipulation reinforces their superiority, they see themselves as 'Gods' walking  among mere mortals.

Zionists are filled with unexplainable glee when they pull off a World Trade Center bombing, a Beirut Bombing, a Waco, Madrid train attack, etc. This type of manipulation re-inforces their superiority. They see themselves as 'Gods' walking among mere mortals.

If people woke up to these vampires, and took back control of America, it would be a true renaissance. The pornography, drugs, family dis-integration, control of the universities, legal system, etc., would end.

The nightmare of Zionist control would end, if folks only educated themselves about Zion's crimes.







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